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The "ROI Of Customer Experience" course, instructed by Bryan Sander of AAA, Inc., and featuring insights from keynote speaker and author Blake Morgan, is a concise, impactful 44-minute online program designed to empower professionals with the knowledge and tools to quantify the financial impact of their customer experience initiatives. Participants will learn how to calculate the ROI of their customer experience efforts, gain a versatile ROI calculator, and understand how to become influential change agents and leaders in the customer experience domain. Upon completion, attendees earn a certification, enhancing their professional credentials. The course offers insights into transforming contact centers from cost centers to revenue generators, with a focus on practical ROI models and strategies for securing executive buy-in for customer-centric investments.

By taking this course you will be able to

Hear how one practitioner saved his company over 100 million dollars, and you can prove this too!

Learn how to show you are saving your company money or making your company money

Gain tools to think of your contact center as a revenue generator, and learn the language that will get your CFO's attention

Meet Your Instructor Bryan Sander, MBA:

Bryan is an inspiring, transformational speaker & leader who helps organizations design amazing product & service experiences that produce long-term loyalty.

He is a change creator, advisor, coach, & thought leader in customer experience, product, loyalty, and culture, with a deep background in CX, operations, strategy, & market research.

Bryan has led CX in companies from $35M startups to $3B public companies with consumer, small business, & enterprise customers.

Bryan is Head of Customer Experience & Insights at AAA, Inc., serving over 62 Million AAA members across a broad range of products from Travel to Automotive to Financial Services.

If you can’t show your CFO how you are saving your company money, or making your company money with customer-centric approaches, then you probably feel like you’re climbing an endless mountain. Why not make your life easier by getting some help to paint the picture of why it’s so important to invest in the contact center, improve your digital experience, or elevate your in-store customer experience?

As a customer experience leader today you must think like an entrepreneur or product owner. You have to be a sales person for customer experience - an ambassador for the customer at every step. 

For example: in the contact center, most companies focus on cutting costs. Contact center agents are held to ridiculous scripts or unreasonable “AHT” goals. They are not empowered to do anything for customers outside of the script. All that matters is that each contact center agent is costing the company money. Contact center agent turnover is sky high - the industry standard is around 50%! It costs $10K to replace a contact center agent, not to mention the major hit to the customer experience when your agents are always new. A strong contact center culture is one where you have resources to focus on the agent experience, and agent retention is high.

In this 43 minute course we provide you with four different ROI models you can immediately apply to your own organization. These proven ROI models (created by a trained accountant!) will help you show how valuable the customer work is that you are doing every day.

How did the head of customer experience for AAA prove that he saved his company over 100 million dollars by investing in the customer experience?

You too can learn how to prove the ROI of investing in customer programs in this easy to follow, valuable course.

Customer Experience Management is a business accelerant - it’s the thing that enables your business to go farther, faster.

Customer experience is the best marketing money can’t buy - but let’s be honest - you need money to transform a customer experience offering.

That said, don’t you want your CEO to think of customer experience as jet fuel?

Customer Experience Transformation

So many of you are embarking on a journey of customer experience transformation. There is a saying that “if it is to be, it’s up to me!” If you are a change agent on your journey of creating a more modern customer service operation that your customers actually like, figuring out how to quantify the value of that is a very critical first step most people just don’t know how to do.

If you want to build a customer-focused company, you must start with a more customer-centric approach - but that requires investments, and not every leader sees the value in making those investments.

The biggest hurdle for every customer experience leader is getting the buy-in from the business to invest in making the company more customer-focused. When you are fighting for more resources to fund the programs you want to build, that can feel very frustrating! However the contact center should not be seen as a cost center, it’s a revenue generation arm of the business - but no one knows that unless you paint the vision.


What you get in this course:

  • 43 minutes of training
  • Free plug-and-play ROI calculator
  • Course instructor answers all your questions directly via the course platform
  • A certification you can display on your LinkedIn and a badge for your email signature
  • The opportunity to sign up for 1:1 coaching with our course instructor

About Customer Experience School

Customer experience school is a training center for customer experience leaders started by 3X author and customer experience futurist Blake Morgan. Blake has guest lectured at Columbia University, Rutgers Executive MBA Program, and UC San Diego.