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CX leaders face a constant challenge: justifying budget for customer experience initiatives.

Discover the art and science of calculating a return on investment for your customer experience initiatives. Gain methodologies and real-world examples to prove the business value of CX and achieve a significant impact on your company's growth.

By downloading this white paper, The 10 Ways To Prove The ROI of Customer Experience, you will learn how to build a data-driven case that wins over leadership and unlocks the resources you need.

10 Ways To Prove

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Key Benefits:

  • Quantify Your Impact: Learn robust methodologies to track, anallyze, and communicate the financial benefits of CX.
  • Build Compelling Arguments: Utilize real-world examples and industry benchmarks to showcase the undeniable ROI of prioritizing customers.
  • Secure Executive Support: Gain actionable strategies for presenting your CX vision and securing the budget necessary to drive results.

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Be prepared to:

  • Develop a winning budget proposal with demonstrable ROI.
  • Identify key metrics that prove the financial impact of CX.
  • Present a compelling case that secures the resources you need to elevate your CX program.

Meet The CX Experts

Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan was called "The Queen of CX" by Meta. She is a customer expereince futurist and author of three books on customer experience.

Her new book is called The 8 Laws of Customer Focused Leadership: The New Rules for Building A Business  Around Today's Customer. Blake has taught courses at Columbia University, Rutgers Executive MBA program and UC San Diego. She is an instructor for LinkedIn Learning.

Blake is the host of The Modern Customer Podcast. She lives in the Los Angeles Area with her husband, their two children and two dogs.

Bryan Sander

Bryan is Head of Customer Experience & Insights at AAA, Inc., serving over 62 Million AAA members across a broad range of products from Travel to Automotive to Financial Services.

Bryan is an inspiring, transformational speaker & leader who helps organizations design amazing product & service experiences that produce long-term loalty. He is a change creator, advisor, coach, & thought leader in customer experience, product, loyalty, and culture, with a deep background in CX, operations, strategy, & market research. Bryan has led CX in companies from $35M startups to $3B public companies with consumer, small business, & enterprise customers


Download The 10 Ways To Prove The ROI of Customer Experience Today